1 Easy Step To Avoid Paying (Some) Taxes

Quick salute to local tax figure-outer guy, Paul Osterberg, putting ciphers by the thousands in neat rows in Osakis and Long Prairie.

Paul got a national award from H&R Block for community service and making clients happy.

Paul says he tunes in Central Minnesota’s Greatest Hits Cool 94.3 every Thursday morning at 8:35 to hear the dreaded joke du juour. He should get an award for that. Or a mental evaluation. Just dreadfully joking, Mr. Osterberg.

I shouldn’t joke. He hasn’t done my taxes yet. Did your property taxes go up? I know some Alexandria property owners who aren’t smiley facing after opening that dreaded envelope.

Want to get out of paying Uncle Sam and Auntie Alex? Do this: Stow away in the back of the next horse and buggy you see in the Fleet Farm parking lot, move to suburban Long Prairie, and turn Amish.

Yay!! Amish don’t pay taxes. Problem solved!!  Uh-oh.  Deduct that thought.  The elders sayeth, “Not so fast, Dances with Butter Churns.”

The Amish do pay federal and state income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes. However, since the 1960’s, Amish don’t have to pay social security taxes. They don’t believe in “commercial insurance.” They feel that’s what social security amounts to, so include them out. The exclusion also means they don’t get social security benefits but, no biggie. Amish believe in taking care of their own old and infirm Shotguns.



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