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$17.6 Billion Dollar Surplus in MN; How Will it Be Spent?


Minnesota’s budget surplus has swelled again, according to new numbers from the Minnesota Management and Budget Office. A massive 17.6 Billion Dollars due to strong collection and lower than projected spending. Gov. Walz says part of that surplus may come back as a rebate.

Here’s what is planned with those funds:

Revised Budget to Move Minnesota Forward
The revised Walz-Flanagan Budget to Move Minnesota Forward accounts for the economic forecast released in February by Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB), while continuing to make investments to expand economic opportunity, protect Minnesotans’ health and safety, and support children and families. The revised series of supplemental budget proposals includes delivering up to $1,000 in direct payments to Minnesota families through Walz Checks.

More information on the revised Walz-Flanagan Budget to Move Minnesota Forward.