7 Steps To Help Handle Allergy Season

If you’re allergic to pollen, Mother Nature is not doing you any favors.

More than 67 million people suffer from pollen allergies. Air quality folk say this pollen season could be a handful for nostrils everywhere thanks to lots of rain across lots of the country. This abundant moisture has plants and trees starting to sprout all over the place.

  ♣ Allergy Fun Fact…Yale University counted how many trees are on the planet. They came up with 3 trillion.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, at least 6 of ’em have your name on them.

As these various evil life forms slowly spring to life, they unleash a wicked particulate assaulting nasal passages and eyeballs of innocent, tissue-toting humans everywhere.

Since pollen can travel by air, the yellow menace you ingest may come from miles away.

Allergy Fun Fact…Most of the world’s pollen is produced outside of Polynesia.

Is your hacking thanks to hackberries in Hackensack? Could your watery eyes and runny nose be from stately ash trees in Sauk Centre? Not to mention your emerald ash borer phobia?  Tell you what. Bring in a sample. We’ll have the boys in the lab go CSI Kensington on it and get back to you, stat.

Meanwhile, what’s a concerned nose owner to do? Here are 7 Steps to help handle allergy season from pollen.com:

• Shower after working outside. Wash hair, eyes, and eyelashes.

• Remove work clothes outdoors after working outside and carry them in a bag to the washing machine.

• Take allergy medicines 30 minutes before going outdoors.

• Stay indoors when pollen counts are high for pollen you’re allergic to.

• Have someone else do your yard work, or wear a microfiber face-mask.

• At home and when driving, keep windows closed and, when possible, use an air conditioner.

• Use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters for furnace and vacuum.

Hang in there.









Winter is only 8 short months away!




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