A+ Night At Woodland School

Around 700 parents, grandparents, friends and students showed up Thursday evening, April 4th at Woodland Elementary School for a remarkable demonstration of music, art, science and more.

The Special Areas Expo featured kindergarten through 5th graders displaying a lot of exciting work in numerous disciplines. For example, at the 5th grade science fair in the 2nd floor Discovery Area, Alexander rolled up his sleeves and donned his safety glasses to determine which home-made rocket propellant worked best.

Using empty 2-liter soda bottles as space vehicles, he tested various combinations of fuel like vinegar and baking soda. Dry ice and water. Mentos and Diet Coke. By the way, you use Diet Coke–not Classic–because, obviously, fewer calories=less weight=less drag=more lift=….ah, forget it, Robert Goddard.  It gets too complicated for those of us not in 5th grade.  For a complete explanation, see future rocket scientist, Alex.

Another student, Piper, pondered how much electricity do fruits and vegetables generate?

Using wires and home-crafted electrodes and alligator clips and a voltmeter, she set out to discover the amount of juice, uh, juice produces. Spanning the spectrum from potatoes to lemons to apples, it turns out quite a bit! Future power company owner and greengrocer, Piper, arranged five lemons in a series circuit. She cranked those babies up to .87 volts, people. What’s the old saying? “When life gives you lemons, make .87 volts, people!” Let her loose in the produce department of your favorite supermarket and she’ll solve the world’s energy problems.

Check out our area schools. They are A+.


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