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After Rand Paul controversy, Richard Marx unveils “evil plan for world domination” on ‘Colbert’

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Mike Helfrich

After Sen. Rand Paul received a suspicious package at his home this week, he issued a statement in which he seemingly blamed Richard Marx for inspiring people to harm him.  On Tuesday night’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Richard and Stephen turned the story into a comedy bit.

Paul blamed Marx because on Sunday, the singer tweeted that if he ever met Paul’s neighbor — who physically attacked the senator in 2017 — he’d buy him a drink.  The package Paul received reportedly included a note reading, “I’ll finish what your neighbor started.”  Richard’s tweet has now been removed for violating Twitter rules.

On Tuesday’s show, Colbert was talking about the story and said, “To think that Richard Marx is dangerous is just ridiculous.” Then, Richard himself appeared, with an evil laugh.

“How did you break in to my broadcast?” Colbert asked.  “Oh, Stevie,” Richard responded, before singing the chorus from his number-one hit “Right Here Waiting”: “Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you.”

When Colbert asked Richard if he was actually inciting violence with his tweets, the singer said, “Of course not! All I want is world domination! And I will not rest until Richard Marx’s reach is Limitless!” 

He then held up a copy of his album of the same name, noting that it was available on his website.

“Wait a second,” Colbert said, “Are you using this controversy just to promote yourself?

“You got me, Stevie,” Richard confessed. “It’s part of my evil plan — which you can learn all about in my new memoir, Stories to Tell. You can pre-order it at!”

Earlier in the show, Colbert’s team re-wrote “Right Here Waiting” into a song titled “It’s Not Richard Marx’s Fault That People Hate Rand Paul.”

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