Alexandria, American Pickers Wants Your Best Shot

You know the show American Pickers?  It’s on the History Channel. They have been in Minnesota before and they are coming back looking for interesting collectors.  Interesting collectors?  That’s our middle name!  Alexandria.  Easy To Get To.  Hard To Leave.  Because Of All Our Interesting Collectors. OK, maybe needs work,  but still.

Sarah from American Pickers provided these pickin’s…

American Pickers on the History is excited to be coming back to Minnesota this coming October and we’re looking for leads throughout the state, specifically interesting characters with interesting items and lots of them!

Please keep in mind, we are looking for different, unusual, and unique items too – something we’ve never seen before and with an interesting story!

Sarah, how about a collection of old firehall bells?

Or, old toy firetrucks sitting under old firehall bells?

How about a collection of animal statuary from the Late Jurassic period of North America like Ryan’s of Alexandria.

Or surplus war materiel like, Mark’s from Glenwood.

Also, please note that American Pickers Mike and Frank only pick private collections so NO malls, flea markets, museums, or auctions.

But, gas stations and VFW’s, they’re inbounds, right, Sarah?

No stores, businesses or anything open to the public.

What??? Oh, man. Looks like Ryan and Mark are out of luck.

But, maybe your stuff’s the right stuff. Call them on your collectible phone at 1-855-OLD-RUST (653-7878) or email   


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