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Alexandria Cardinals Community Fan Bus Details Heading to U.S. Bank Stadium

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(Alexandria Grid Club) – The Alexandria Grid Club is sponsoring the availability of fan buses to transport Alexandria Cardinal Football fans to U.S. Bank Stadium this week, but the deadline is rapidly approaching to sign up if interested in being a passenger.

If you are interested in being on a fan bus to and from the Twin Cities on Friday, reservations need to be secured and fan bus payment needs to be made by 1:45 PM Wednesday, November 15th. The round trip ride on a fan bus to U.S. Bank Stadium and back is 20 dollars, which does not include the purchase of a ticket to the game. If not enough interest is shown for reserving seats for a fan bus, the bus will be cancelled.

The fan bus is reserved only for adults and for students in grades 9 through 12. Alexandria Area High School students intending on riding a fan bus need to have a permission slip to ride. Those slips are available in the Alexandria Area High School office during regular school hours. Student sign-up for the fan bus is being conducted on Wednesday between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM in the Alexandria Area High School commons area. Student fan bus reservations are guaranteed only with a permission slip and the money turned in.

Community members can also secure fan bus reservations by stopping into the main office at Alexandria Area High School Wednesday between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM. Interested persons wishing to secure a fan bus reservation can pay with Venmo @alexgridclub. Contact Jen at 219-3462 or Kelly at 612-554-5682 for questions about reservations for community members.

The Alex Grid Club Facebook page will have an update on fan bus status Wednesday afternoon, November 15th. Refer to that Facebook page for any possible status changes.

If enough reservations are collected, the fan bus will depart at 11 AM Friday from in front of Alexandria Area High School. Registered students will be released that morning at 10:45. Community members are advised to arrive early, as the bus will not wait for stragglers.

Being that the fan bus availability is not a school sponsored event, those that plan to ride the bus to U.S. Bank Stadium must also return on the bus to Alexandria after the game.

Game tickets for the State Football Tournament games at U.S. Bank Stadium can be purchased online through the Minnesota State High School League’s web site: mshsl.org/tickets. Adult tickets are 16 dollars each, with student tickets available for 10 dollars. Each ticket is valid for any of the games for one designated day.