Alexandria + Millennials = 1 Good Match

Who wouldn’t love living in rural Minnesota?  More than once Alexandria has been named a top small town in America, and why not? Lakes, opportunities, services, easy on-and-off access to Norwegians.

To survive and thrive, you want young bloods to want to stay and/or move to your town.  Well, guess what? They do.

When asked what city size they like best, 53.2% of the millennials surveyed said that they prefer to live in small or midsize cities. That’s nearly double the 28.2% of respondents who prefer large cities.

This statistic raised eyebrows because it’s commonly believed that millennials prefer living in metropolises.

It’s also commonly believed that millennials, even ones with good eyebrows,  don’t have good handshakes. They’re too limp. Live here and that will change.  Look at Big Ole.

Don’t tell me the hand that grasps that pointy stick doesn’t know how to offer a firm hippy hippy shake.

Remember Adrian Peterson?  Lived in Minnesota.  Ran really fast carrying a football.  He was known for having a firm handshake.  Some even said ‘bone-crushing.’  Maybe millennial hands don’t need to get all “A.P.” about it,  but how about a good old-fashioned “Joe Biden?”  (Just go easy on the head kissing).

Next time you and your neighbors see a millennial couple moving in, go over.  Say, “Welcome!”  And, offer them a laurel and hearty handshake.

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