Alexandria Takes A Closer Look At Dogs

The Alexandria city council gave final approval to change a part of city code that deals with animal nuisances. Wives, you’re probably thinking…

…” ’bout time they did something about my snoring husband.”

Sadly, no. This deals with dogs.  Not the wonderful, lovable, perfectly trained, soft-spoken super dogs like Midnight, the black lab who saved her neighbor’s life.  Or like yours. This pertains to dogs who “habitually or frequently bark or cry.” The code used to read “…..bark or cry at night.” The council agreed to ditch the words “at night” to help out police when they respond to complaints.

Doggie fact: Basset hounds are not good swimmers.  If I were a basset hound, I’d be crying about that all day and all of the night.  Especially if my owner named me Michael Phelps.

Sgt. Tony Kuhnau of the Alexandria Police Department says last year they responded to approximately 1.5 barking dog calls per week and another call per day about other nuisance dog violations.

Doggie fact: To do the dog paddle in the deepest swimming pool in the world, you have to go to Poland. It is home to a 148 food deep pool.   Basset Hound Michael Phelps…Stay Clear!  Repeat!   Stay Clear!!

Sgt. Kuhnau says the first time Alexandria police respond to a complaint, the dog owner receives a warning.  After that, it’s a $100 fine and you get to tell it to the judge.

Doggie fact: I hope Alexandria’s Finest never have to bust these guys—

And please heed the words of the greatest barker of all time…

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