Andra Day addresses rumors she’s dating Brad Pitt: “We’ve never met!”

E Andra Day 06292021

Andra Day says there’s a major flaw in the rumors that she’s dating A-lister Brad Pitt.  According to the The United States vs. Billie Holiday star, the two don’t know one another.

“Oh my gosh, child, especially because we’ve never met,” Day, 36, told Entertainment Tonight when asked about her rumored romance with the 57-year-old actor. “My sister actually hit me up after, she was like, ‘You met Brad Pitt?’ I said, ‘I guess so. I guess we did.'”

The “Rise Up” singer admits she has no idea where the rumors even came from.  “We’re not dating. We don’t even know each other.  It is hilarious,” Day says with a laugh. “It was thin air. Somebody was bored that day.” 

Although Day and Pitt are strangers, the Oscar nominee had nothing but praise for him, telling ET, “He’s great, though, super talented, wonderful.”


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