Another Wild And Wooly Central Minnesota Animal Tale

It’s animals gone wild in Central Minnesota. Again.

In June it was a cougar prowling the prairie near Elk River, MN.  Sunday morning, July 14th, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office warned an unsuspecting public of the Running Of The Bulls Bull on the hardscrabble streets of Alexandria, MN.

You remember TNT (number 3C F381)?  He was visiting from Brandon, MN with his owner Joe, when he decided to wander around the Walmart parking lot and hang out near the Grocery Pickup.









Probably used his 2500 pounds to encourage people to “eat more chicken.”

Well, now it’s Moths Gone Amok in the Birthplace of America (in your face Kensington).

See this?  This ain’t your grandfather’s moth!








This dramatic photo of a moth on the tire of a radio broadcasting employees’ vehicle was taken at approximately 9:am Monday, July 15th in the parking lot of radio station Cool (number  94.3).

Dramatic Photo Of A Moth On A Tire Fun Fact:  The digital camera operator, who took this dramatic photo of a moth, did not stand inside a reinforced metal protective moth cage while doing so.

I’m no entymologist…or tireologist…but I’d bet the moth-eaten shirt off my back that we’re looking at an American Idia.  OK, maybe they had Idia americalis in your grandfather’s day.  But this guy sure isn’t a Common Buckeye.

And he ain’t no puny white moth.  Like they have in Kensington!

Let’s just call him the Black Angus Bull of moths…

…perched in the universally known threatening moth position on a Goodyear Assurance (number P215/70R16) ready to wantonly nibble on the clothing of any meddling digital camera operator (not using a reinforced metal protective moth cage) who gets too close.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending.  The digital camera operator, and his garage sale wardrobe, escaped unnibbled.  And, after capturing the winged beast, the author of this animal tale had a delicious morning snack.

Anyone have floss?  I think I have an antenna stuck in my teeth.

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