Mike Ryan

Are You A Jerk?

It’s hard to find things that everyone agrees on.  But these, I think we can all agree – JERK MOVES!

Are you guilty of any?  I might do 6….not often, but yeah, I might do that.


1.  Blocking someone else’s driveway.

2.  Eating food that isn’t yours . . . and is even marked with someone else’s name.

3.  Passing somebody on the road, only to then go slower than they were going.

4.  Making it impossibly hard to cancel subscriptions.

5.  Taking up two (or more) parking spaces by parking outside of the lines.

6.  Ditching frozen or refrigerated food on regular grocery store shelves.

7.  Flipping through the pictures on someone else’s phone when they just wanted to show you one.

8.  Not replacing the toilet paper roll.

9.  Trying to enter an elevator before others have exited.

10.  Trying to push through and exit a plane before it’s your turn.