B I N G O Has Its D A Y-oh!

June 27 is National Bingo Day, a chance for fans of one of the most popular games in the world to celebrate their daub love!

Bingo is at churches, social halls, bars, fairs, retirement homes, and sometimes at school.  At Woodland Elementary  in Alexandria, the second graders I work with play an arithmetic-based bingo game called Quizmo.


This game helps the youngsters work on their addition and subtraction skills. It’s a treat to call Quizmo for the kids. When someone wins, all the kids who didn’t win beg, “Don’t clear the cards! Don’t clear the cards!” How can you say no to this precious face? And her service animal?

I can, and shout, “Clear your cards!”  “Clear your cards!”  “You too, rabbit!!”

At Garfield Elementary, I play a game with the young ones called Phone Number Bingo.  It’s to help them memorize their phone number, meaning Mom’s cell or Dad’s cell or Grandma’s cell or significant other’s cell, or somebody’s cell.  Surprise, maybe even a landline!

Using a deck of cards, the kids lay out the phone number with the cards face up. The ace is number one. The ten is zero.  As they hear a digit in their number called, they turn that card face down. First one to have all their cards face down is the winner.Whether I’m calling Quizmo or Phone Number Bingo, some kiddos always think I go too fast.  At this point, I always say, “It’s time to play ‘Speed Dial Bingo’ and they all go, “Noooooo!!!!” because I call the numbers faster.







Wheeee!!!!!  Do they get aggravated!   Wheeee!!!!

It doesn’t matter if the players are 8 or 88 years old, one of the best  parts about Bingo is that after  it’s over, at least four players must state…out loud: “I just needed one more. See? Right here. Right here. Just one more.”

Phone Number Bingo is a fun game to play with youngsters even if they know their phone number.  At the radio station, we disc jockeys sometimes play Donut Bingo. Here’s how that goes: you get a bag of donuts, bingo cards, and daubers. Carefully lay out the bingo cards and daubers. Then, ignore the cards and daubers, and eat the donuts.

We’re gonna’ need some milk!!!!

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