Baby You Can Drive My Car, But The Boss Picks The Music

MnDOT says it’s National Work Zone Awareness Week.   Over 25,000 careful and attentive drivers were asked, “When you go out for a ride and never come back, while being aware of work zones, what do you listen to?”

The Car Care Council says Bruce Springsteen is the first choice when motorists zone in on road trip tuneage.

The Boss came in first followed by Keith Urban and Bruno Mars. Interestingly, Springsteen admits he didn’t know anything about cool cars or hot rods when he wrote a number of his classic cruisin’ songs.

“…before you is a man who has become wildly and absurdly successful writing about something about which he has absolutely no personal experience.  I made it all up!  That’s how good I am.”

Road trip, everyone!  How does this line-up of Bruuuuuce for a swing around the state sound?

Racing In The Street when our Dodge pulls into Plymouth.

Thunder Road to Rainy River.

Rosalita for when they greet ya in Rose City.

Born To Run for a run to Rushmore.

Cadillac Ranch for a North Branch dash.

Prove It All Night between Fertile and Climax.

Remember, fines double in construction zones.  So back ‘er down there, Clarence.

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