Back To School 2019

It may be August, but make no mistake – it’s time for back to school.  Here are a few essential items for Back To School 2019.

All the trendy kids will be carrying brightly colored shovels as they walk five miles to school, uphill both ways.  Here, a snapshot of four charming third graders making their way to Lincoln Elementary.

A foil-wrapped baked potato in the pocket will keep the kid warm all morning long and will be a great snack!

I’m kidding.

But who hasn’t heard about their parents walking uphill both ways to school? And I do think that potatoes in the pocket would be a legit way to keep warm and have a tasty snack.

Nobody should have to rely on potatoes in their pocket.

Minnesota winter is coming. Like it or not.

If you don’t have a coat or need cold-weather gear, the United Way of Douglas and Pope County has a community coat room where families can come and pick out a coat and cold-weather accessories for each member of their family, free of charge.

To receive or donate a coat, visit the United Way office during business hours, Monday – Friday | 8 am – 4:30 pm.


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