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Backpack Attack Packing Event

🥛🍎🍐The food has been delivered!
Marthaler Chevrolet of Glenwood is excited to host the United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties Backpack Attack Packing Event tomorrow (10-13) from 3 pm- 6 pm!
100.7 KIK FM Alexandria Minnesota will be broadcasting LIVE tomorrow (10-13) during our packing times from 3 pm-6 pm! (🍕Did I mention they are bringing pizza!🍕)
We are inviting the community to help assemble bags of food that will be used to feed hungry students from Douglas and Pope Counties on the weekends!
🚨🤗We can’t wait for our community to get together to help with this amazing event for our local children!🚨
Message, Text, or Call us with any questions!
📞Call Us! 320-634-4507
📱Text Us! 320-216-7573