Boredom Antidote? Alexandriaopoly!

“I’m bored!” How often in late summer do we hear that from the mouth of a 12 year old child? Or an 8 year old grandchild? Or a 53 year old company president?

Back in the day, growing up on the hardscrabble streets of White Bear Lake, MN, my pals and I fended off dog days boredom by playing simple, innocent games such as “Stand Over Here And Let Me Throw Dirt At You.”

Or “Put An Empty Plastic Ice Cream Bucket On Your Head And I’ll Throw More Dirt At You.”

You know, fun games!  Games that didn’t require a lot of what you call fancy schmancy “equipment”

or “assembly”

or “money.”

Have to admit though, the kid looks like he’s having fun.  Like his parents, I’m sure.

If your bored people are looking for something kind of cool to play right in their own backyard, how about a game that’s about their own backyard?

How do you play? Just happen to have some fancy schmancy instructions.

How do you win?

Alexandriaopoly.  A board game to keep you from getting bored. What a country.

Alexandriaopoly is produced by a company called Late For The Sky which has “opoly” games for other cities including Alexandria, Indiana. That game is a fund-raiser, which is nice.

This Minnesota version looks like it would be fun for the rainy day at the cabin August 10th or when the blizzard keeps you housebound February 29.  Feb. 29?  Yep, 2020 is a leap year.

Exciting! At least next year you’ll have nothing to be bored about, Mr. Company President.  But, I would keep an empty plastic ice cream bucket handy, just in case.


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