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Breathtaking Northern Lights Put on A Show In Central MN and Beyond


The breathtaking Northern Lights danced in the skies last night…with gorgeous greens and purples the brightest visibility was outside of city areas around 10 pm last night. Here are a few of the  pics submitted by our listeners on our Facebook page.

According to the National Weather Service of Grand Forks they reported that with generally clear skies anticipated for most and a moderate to strong geomagnetic storm ongoing, conditions were favorable for northern lights viewing last night, Thursday, March 23, 2023.

May be an image of sky and text that says 'Northern Lights Out Tonight! Forecasted Tonight's Aurora Forecast 2(Range storm Amoderate-strong geomagn affecting Earth. visit swpc. noaa. gov currently Likelihood of Aurora National Weather Service Grand Forks, ND Creation Time 2023-03 2402:13:39 weather.gov/fgf weather.'



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