Calling All Ole Oppe Festers!

Don’t miss Ole Oppe Fest this weekend.  Enjoy a celebration of Alexandria, MN—Birthplace of America (in your face Kennsington!)—and all things oppe.  BTW, what is an “oppe?”

After conducting  hours of research clicking on the first website that came up, I discovered oppe is a Norwegian word (pronounced ooo-puh) that translates into English as “upstairs.”

Upstairs??  Yah sure you betcha.

O.K. Let’s use it in a sentence: “Marcus, go put Ole oppe, then come back down so we won’t be late for Ole Oppe Fest.” Bonus sentence: “And don’t forget to bring your Norwegian-to-English dictionary in case we want to sitte someplace and figure out what Lena is saying.”

It kinda’ doesn’t make sense but, uff da, who cares?  They have beer, wings, and a new dock on Lake Agnes!

That makes Ole Oppe Fest way cooler than, say, Ole Oprah Fest.  All they do is jump on couches and yell celebrity names.

Or, Ole Opie Fest.  If you don’t have red hair or know how to whistle, there’s nothing for you to see here.

So, my Scandinavian or Scandinavian wanna-be friend, make your way downstairs, through the kitchen, and out the door to Big Ole Central Park in Alexandria, MN–Birthplace of America–(in your face…well, see above…) for Ole Oppe Fest!  Yelling, jumping and whistling encouraged because I believe, deep down, there is a little Ole Oppe Fester in all of us.


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