Theatre L’Homme Dieu and Someplace Safe Focus for 4/14/19 (Audio)

This weekend, we feature discussions with Theatre L’Homme Dieu and Someplace Safe about their upcoming fundraisers.    

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Early Spring Gardening Prep – Focus 3/10/19

This weekend on Focus, my guest is Robin Trott,  Douglas County Extention Educator, University of Minnesota.  We discuss the effects of all of the snow we have these days, potential flooding, the emerald ash borer, how to start prepping for gardening, and how to best feed the birds.   Listen now:

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We’re Looking for Local Non-Profits!

Are you in charge of a local non-profit organization?  Would you like more publicity for what you do, or an event you have coming up?  We are looking for local non-profit organizations to appear on our Sunday morning public service program, Focus.   Focus is a community service of Cool 94.3 and KIKV-FM.  We have featured many local organizations over the …

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