CD3 To Kick Some AIS

Lake Osakis zebra mussels, meet your worst nightmare.

A Lake Osakis access is in line to get a boat cleaning powerhouse.  Boaters and squeezebox players going 🎵in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out🎵 of the water. Oops…. Had a Who moment there. Sorry. Back to the countdown. People boating on Lake Osakis can rid their craft of aquatic invasive species with the CD3 boat cleaning device.  It includes all the bells and whistles and it’s free to use.


Man on Street Near Cart










Wow!  State-of-the-art and easy on the eye!  At this point you’re thinking, “Okay.  So the CD3 can clean the AIS off my bass boat, “Susie…”

       Red Susie Ship
















…but this winter, a lot of salt and grit “invaded”my carpet thanks to the stylish, yet sensible shoes I favor.”

 Monochrome Photography of a Man









“Can “Big C” clean my shag?” Men wearing lab coats and hairnets, peering deeply into microscopes, say, “Not at this juncture.”

       Men's White Dress Shirt 

Well then, is there anyway to keep our thick, luxurious carpets free of this stuff?  Do you have a live-in butler who will answer the door when you come home, carry you over your thick, luxurious carpet, set you in your thick, luxurious easy chair and read you a story?  Or a blog?

Country Store manager, Glen Bearson, an expert in melting ice (and hearts), says potash is a great de-icer that won’t ruin concrete and asphalt or harm pets.  When asked if potash will remove itself from the bottoms of sensible and stylish shoes before trodding on thick, luxurious carpets, Glen replied, “Sadly, not at this juncture.”

         Person Holding Red Box 









Mark Vanderwurf of Cullens Home Center was posed the same question.  His wife replied, “Please call back.  Mark‘s napping in a thick, luxurious easy chair.”

So what’s a Central Minnesotan with shoes to do?  Take ’em off, I suppose.  Then don some “indoor only” footwear to protect your carpet and your tootsies in case you accidentally walk into a bed post.  Or worse.

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