Mike Ryan

Class of ’85 – Theatre L’Homme Dieu



-Mike Ryan

Collide Theatrical Dance Company is welcomed back to the stage at Theatre L’Homme Dieu. Some may have seen them last summer when they performed Wonderland. This time they take us back to high school with big hair, big dresses and big dance energy with Class of ’85. It’s fun to hear the music of the 80’s but the quality of the dancing is so good that the whole evening is just, well like, totally tubular!

The show begins with the principal (played by director/choreographer Regina Peluso, who also gets a dance or two, and to show the other side of her character too) calling the assembly (i.e., us) to order. She and “drama king” George (Ben Siglin) are the only ones to speak throughout the show; the dancing does most of the talking. Eight dancers (also including Jarod Boltjes, Megan Carver, Renee Guittar, Patrick Jeffrey, Grace Kidder, and Javan Mngrezzo) portray the usual high school stereotypes – the spoiled princess, the cheerleader, the nerd, the jock, the rebel. We follow these familiar characters through a school day, Saturday detention (similarities to The Breakfast Club and other ’80s movies are intentional), and the all-important Prom night. Company dances alternate with solo dances, in which we get to know each character a little better, and see that they’re more than how they’re perceived. Their detention assignment is to write an essay on the subject “Who Am I?” (a big topic for even grown adults), and we get to see a dance version of each essay that reveals neglectful or abusive parents, bullying, and other difficulties these kids are hiding behind their high school persona. The choreography and the dancers do a beautiful job of conveying all the angst, pain, confusion, uncertainty, and joy of being a teenager.

This is a different type of musical that most patrons may not be used to, but you will easily interpret the individual character stories through the 80’s songs and dance that reflects the type of life they lead outside of high school. Standing ovation for opening night!

If you love the Breakfast Club, you will love Class of ’85! So, peg your jeans, rat your bangs, stuff those shoulder pads in your Jacket and have some fun. It runs through Saturday, July 30th at Theatre L’Homme Dieu.

For tickets call 320-846-3150 or pick your seat online at tlhd.org