Crocs, But FASHION

It’s the first real fashion moment of 2019, and they’re Crocs.  

I know.  

There was a time when Crocs were the shoe you reached for when the garden was too muddy for your good sandals, but now it’s time to take them up in the club. 

Goth Crocs.  

I’m not kidding. 

They’re currently being sold on Etsy for $260, you can purchase them here. They’ve actually been pretty popular across the internet and might actually be sold out by the time you see this.  

You may think this is the first stupid shoe trend to come across the internet, but it’s only the most recent.  Autumn/Winter 2018 featured Parisian avant-garde design house Maison Margiela’s 22 Fusion Low Sneaker, which would set you back $1,645. They look like they are held together with hot glue, and decorated with White-Out on the midsole. Charming.  


Don’t want to spend quite that much?  For $870, Gucci has some distressed leather sneakers that look like they were used quite a bit in a gym class at Central Junior High in 1987 and then put in a box and never worn again.  They look like they smell like that, too.  

The last two kind of make the Goth Crocs look downright sensible, huh? 

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