Drivers of Alexandria: IT’S NOT A YIELD

I thought maybe it would get better with time.  It hasn’t. 

A few years ago, construction was done on the intersection of Broadway and Third Avenue in downtown Alexandria.  One of the major changes made was as one drives north on Broadway – if one wants to make a right turn onto Third Ave, instead of stopping at the stop light, or yielding at the corner to wait for a break in traffic – the turn now has its own dedicated lane and traffic should not stop.  

Look on the street as you approach the turn – unbroken white lines.  This means no merging.  

And look at the white unbroken line AFTER the turn:

You really do have your own lane.  It’s all you.  GO. Don’t pause.  Don’t wait.  Don’t be scared.  Just drive.  DRIVE.  Stop letting traffic just pile up behind you for absolutely no reason.  GO. GO. DRIVE THAT VEHICLE. 

Oh and one more clue, I circled the sign in this photo.  

What do you NOT see? 

That’s right.

That sign IS NOT A YIELD SIGN.  

That sign that means “Added Lane” and you are in it.  It’s all you, Baby.  


Thank you and have a great weekend.  

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