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Election Results Are In


The preliminary results are in. The secretary of state reported  3,562,627  were registered to vote in MN yesterday.


Federal Offices

U.S. Representative District (100% precincts reporting)

Travis “Bull” Johnson, Legal Marijuana Now  5.37%

Michelle Fischbach,  Republican   66.95%

Jill Abahsain,  Democratic-Farmer-Labor    27.61%

                    State Offices

State Senator District 12 (100% of precincts reporting)

Torrey Westrom,  Republican   68.0`%

Kari Dorry,  Democratic-Farmer-Labor  28.09%

Ashley Klingbeil,  We The People  3.86%

Sate Senator District 9  (100% of precincts reporting)

Jordan Rasmusson, Republican  62.74%

Cornel Walker, Democratic-Farmer-Labor  28.59%

State Representative District 9A (100% of precincts reporting)

Jeff Backer, Republican 66.30%

Nancy Jost, Democratic-Farmer-Labor  33.41%

State Representative District 9B  (100% of precincts reporting)

Tom Murphy, Republican 70.29%

Jason Satter, Democratic-Farmer-Labor  29.50%

State Representative District 12A (100% of precincts reporting)

Paul H. Anderson, Republican  66.30%

Edie Barrett, Democratic-Farmer-Labor   33.41%

State Representative District 12B  (100% of precincts reporting)

Mary Franson,  Republican  69.89%

Jeremy Vinar,  Democratic-Farmer-Labor  30.02%

Governor and Lieutenant Governor (98.83% precincts reporting)

Steve Patterson and Matt Huff, Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis  0.90%

James McCaskel and David Sandbeck, Legal Marijuana Now 1.17%

Scott Jensen and Matt Birk, Republican 44.57%

Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan, Democratic-Farmer-Labor  52.30%

Hugh McTavish and Mike Winter, Independence-Alliance 0.72%

Gabrielle M. Prosser and Kevin A. Dwire, Socialist Workers  0.29%

Secretary of State  (98.83% precincts reporting)

Kim Crockett,  Republican  45.35%

Steve Simon,  Democratic-Farmer-Labor  54.56%

State Auditor (98.83% precincts reporting)

Will Finn, Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis  1.80%

Tim Davis, Legal Marijuana Now  3.55%

Ryan Wilson, Republican 47.10%

Julie Blaha, Democratic-Farmer-Labor  47.49%

Attorney General  (98.83% precincts reporting)

Jim Schultz, Republican 49.50%

Keith Ellison,  Democratic-Farmer-Labor  53.40%

   Douglas County Offices

County Commissioner District 2

Tim Kalina  65.38%

James Stratton  34.31%

County Commissioner District 4

Charlie Meyer  99.21%

Write-in 0.79%

County Commissioner District 5

Shane A. Schmidt  55.38%

Heather A. Larson  44.039%

County Auditor – Treasurer

Vicki Doehling    99.63%

Write-in 0.37%

County Recorder

Mary Skillings   99.22%

County Sheriff

Troy Wolbersen  99.22%

County Attorney

Chad Larson   99.28%

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

District 1

Paul Barsness   99.65%

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

District 3

Rodney Froemming  99.71%

City Offices City of Alexandria

Council Member City of Alexandria Ward 1

Bill Franzen    99.41%

Council Member City of Alexandria Ward 2

Roger Thalman    99.28%

Council Member City of Alexandria Ward 4

Nicole M. Mace    66.74%

Ronald R. Sik 34.71%

School District Offices

School Board Member Position 2 Independent School District

No. 206 (Alexandria)

Alan Zeithamer  56.77%

Vern Engstrom   42.94%

School Board Member Position 3 Independent School District

No. 206 (Alexandria)

Lynne M. Lommen 46.78%

Shawn Reilly  52.95%

School Board Member Position 4 Independent School District

No. 206 (Alexandria)

Laura Knudsen  50.15%

Sandra Susag  49.55.00%

School Board Member Position 5 Independent School District

No. 206 (Alexandria)

Maureen Eigen  91.20%

Write-in 8.80%

City Offices City of Brandon

Mayor City of Brandon

Roger Campbell 99.51%

Council Member City of Brandon

Jese Beaumia 33.79%

Kevin Wade Challes 20.33%

Jordyn Bossert 44.23%

City Offices City of Carlos

Todd Burgess 51.98%

Kelly Kees 31.19%

Lyle Yochim 15.84%

City Offices City of Evansville

Mayor City of Evansville

Chuck Steffenson 97.38%

Council Member City of Evansville

Monica Olson 47.96%

Julie Aasness 48.72%

City Offices City of Forada

Mayor City of Forada

David Reller 84.62%

Write-in 15.38%

City Offices City of Garfield

Mayor City of Garfield

Council Member City of Garfield

Ryan Holverson 0.00%

Trent Ziegelman 0.00%

City Offices City of Kensington

Mayor City of Kensington

Jim Schecker 0.00%

Council Member City of Kensington

Brock L. Green 0.00%

Jared Johnson 0.00%

Joe Miles 0.00%

City Offices City of Miltona

Mayor City of Miltona

Alan Bettermann 0.00%

Brian Carpenter 0.00%

Council Member City of Miltona

Mickey Lint 0.00%

Pam Ward 0.00%

David Ward 0.00%

Kevin Lee 0.00%

Joseph Leesch 0.00%

City Offices City of Nelson

Mayor City of Nelson

Council Member City of Nelson

Sean Gay 0.00%

Corina M. Weinhandl 0.00%


City Offices City of Osakis

Mayor City of Osakis

Daniel J. Wessel 0.00%

Laura Backes 0.00%

Randy Anderson 0.00%

Stephanie Finnegan 0.00%

Grant County Offices

Grant County Sheriff

Jon Combs  0.00%

Grant County Attorney

Justin R. Anderson 0.00%

Grant County Recorder

HollyJo Wevley 0.00%

City Offices Elbow Lake

Council Member City of Elbow Lake

Darryl Larson 0.00%

Julie Larson 0.00%

Pope County Offices

County Commissioner District 1

Paul Gremmels 0.00%

County Auditor-Treasurer

Stephanie Rust 0.00%

County Recorder

Sarah Green 0.00%

County Sheriff

Tim Riley 0.00%

County Recorder

Sarah Green 0.00%

City Offices Glenwood

Mayor City of Glenwood

Sherri Olson Kazda 0.00%

Council Member City of Glenwood

Brent Cochran 0.00%

Neil W. Haynes 0.00%

City Offices Lowry

Mayor City of Lowry


Council Member City of Lowry

Virgil Cozlahr 0.00%

Mayor City of Starbuck

Gary Elmer Swenson 0.00%

Council Member City of Starbuck

Dane Christensen 0.00%

Christopher Taffe 0.00%

Mayor City of Villard

Jason Rupp  0.00%

Council Member City of Villard

Dean Chilan 0.00%

Mayor City of Sauk Centre

Warren Stone 0.00%

Council Member City of Sauk Centre

Heidi Leach 0.00%

Joseph Fuechtmann 0.00%


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