Elizabeth Banks explains how she is bringing her “cheekiness” to a new wine venture

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Elizabeth Banks is one of the busiest people in Hollywood.  She’s an actress, producer, writer, game show host, director and, now, co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of Archer Roose, a luxury canned wine company.

However, Banks disagrees that she’s among the busiest people in the world, and quipped, “I know I’m not as busy as Kamala Harris, there are busier, more important people [than me]… Thank goodness!” 

Speaking with ABC Audio after wrapping a 10-hour day shooting her upcoming movie Cocaine Bear, Banks explained why she wanted to join the wine industry.

“Getting to drink wine, that’s the most exciting part,” she said with a laugh before explaining that the pandemic is what made her seek out new opportunities. 

“I like to be busy, which is obvious,” Banks noted of the industry slowdown. “I was looking for female-led companies to be supportive of… to not just invest, but to figure out how to be a real partner to someone.” 

That search led Banks to Archer Roose owner Marian Leitner-Waldman, and a new partnership was born.

As for why she agreed to take on the added CCO responsibilities, the Pitch Perfect director revealed, “It was the storytelling aspect of it that got me really excited… That’s my bread and butter. I love making people laugh.”

When it comes to marketing the sustainably conscious brand, Banks infuses “my own brand of cheekiness” by creating advertisements that are “a little absurd and a little silly.”  One ad spoofs how she and Leitner-Waldman met, depicting Banks as an uninvited guest who refuses to leave.

As for how Banks finds time to balance all her responsibilities, she says, “It’s just scheduling… You fit in the things that you care about.  This is something that I really care about.”

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