Mike Ryan

Fun To Look At, Delicious To Eat?

If you had a real Christmas tree this year, you may be thinking about how you’re going to dispose of it.  Well, here’s a reminder:  You can totally just EAT it.  (???)

A few years back we heard about an “artisan baker and cook” in the U.K. who wrote a book called “How to Eat Your Christmas Tree”.  And it features dozens of recipes you can make using your tree.

The author of the book says, “You can pretty much eat the whole thing.”

The trend may be picking up steam.  Reports this week say that “growing numbers of eco-conscious households [are] eating various parts before throwing them out.”  And the author confirms that it’s “gaining traction.”

The needles can be used like rosemary or bay leaves, and are a good source of vitamin C.  They can also be crushed to flavor gin or vinegar.  And the wood can be burned to make pine ash, which can be used as flavoring, as fertilizer in gardens, and for cleaning the kitchen.

(The Guardian)