Gentlemen, Start Your Cummberbunds!

Students are excitedly dashing—single file—for their dancing shoes. Prom is almost here!

Area high schools are gearing up for swingin’, swayin’, and records playin’ season.

For many, April 27th is THE date for a date. West Central Area High School is having prom in the WCASS auditorium. The Osakis prom is in their gymnasium that night. Minnewaska Area High School will have their gym all decorated for the big jig. Brandon-Evansville? Oh, yeah. We’ve got our eye on your funky gibbon.

Sauk Centre has its prom April 27th. Alexandria Area High School is promming the night away at Carlos Creek Winery. In Parkers Prairie, the Panthers have selected the lusty, gusty month of May–Saturday, May 4. They will also be rocking at the high school.







Getting back to AAHS. According to the widely circulated “Our Voice Our Choice/Healthy Voices Healthy Choices Coalition” message, “3 out of 4 students agree that parents should talk with them about the importance of NOT drinking alcohol.” Yet, they are having one of the biggest school functions at a winery. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just a juxtaposition I find interesting. OK. I’m done being interesting.


Have fun, kids!

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