Mike Ryan



This show is going to make a killing through its run until July 2nd. Written by Jeffery Hatcher with music and lyrics by Chan Poling, the show doesn’t take itself serious, even though the subject matter would make you think it would. Instead this dark musical tackles the tale with wicked dialogue and evocative music. Stand out moments for me include Wendy Lehr, in all her roles. She makes a lawyer never look so good, and those moves, well let’s just say there is no order in the court! Like most in the ensemble she plays more than one character. Her facial expressions are dead on for Elisabeth Congdon, and respectfully portrays the tragedy of Velma who was the unsuspecting victim. Velma was a semi-retired nurse who normally worked days but filled in for the night nurse on that fateful night. Lehr’s haunting song “Stay with Me,” had the audience deathly quiet. The entire ensemble breathes new life into each of the character’s they play, many within seconds of playing another. The gorgeous set, complete with a grand piano from Carlson Music Center, transforms you to the Glensheen Mansion. “No photos on the staircase, please.” Special applause to the live orchestra on the stage. You will get your money’s worth of chills, goosebumps and laugher if you see this show. We are so fortunate to have Theatre L’Homme Dieu bring professional shows here to our own backyard. Think of the gas your saving not having to drive to Minneapolis! Gleensheen is immensely funny, superbly paced and better than being at a murder mystery party! Standing ovation worthy!

-Mike Ryan (please leave me the aisle seat)

Order tickets at https://www.tlhd.org/