Grand Gathering In Garfield

The fish was fine and the folk were friendly at the annual St. Luke’s Fish Fry in Garfield.

April 26th, around 600 people enjoyed 420 pounds of battered dipped, lightly breaded Alaskan pollock. In addition to fish you got your 50 pounds of baked beans, your 36 dozen buns, your 50 dozen cookies, your cheesy hash browns, coleslaw and beverages, and your 580 bobber cake pops.

Guys and gals from the church and Garfield Fire and Rescue worked the stoves.

Garfield Fun Fact: The Secretary of the Treasury under President James Garfield was William Windom who has a town in southwestern Minnesota named after him.

While the cooks were hard at it behind the church, other staff–adults and kids–handled seating, serving and customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction Fun Fact: Much to my dissatisfaction, St. Luke’s Fish Fry food fights rarely occur.

Ticket proceeds benefited a number of good causes including Someplace Safe. The St. Luke’s Fish Fry began in the mid-1980s. This year, around 80 volunteers made it possible.

Garfield Fun Fact: The nearest Minnesota town to Garfield with another famous cat name is Morris.

A new wrinkle was added to this year’s fish fry. All of the tableware was 100% compostable in association with Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management—placemats, plates, cups, spoons, knives and forks.

Fork Fun Fact: Forks for eating first appeared in western Italy in the eleventh century. Before then, people used their fingers.

Eating With Your Fingers And Not With A Fork Fun Fact: Hoity-toity Romans of wealth and taste politely gobbled their food using only three fingers–taking care not to besmirch the ring finger or the pinkie.

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