Grateful Dead Coming To A Cookie Jar Near You

The Grateful Dead and Don Rickles have so much in common. Where to start?

The first thing that comes to mind is cookies. Actually, it’s the only thing. We know about the late Don’s fondness for cookies.

Here’s a flash: the Dead won’t go away either, so they also get cookies!  Thinsters brand cookies. For a limited time, Mrs. Thinster has joined the band and is baking Grateful Dead chocolate chip cookies and Grateful Dead toasted coconut cookies.

Check out the figure on the package. Is that a dancing bear or is that Jerry Garcia without his shirt on?  If you get confused, just listen to the music play.

Getting back to the long, strange trip this is turning out to be, Grateful Dead chocolate chip and Grateful Dead toasted coconut cookies will be on store shelves starting in mid-June.  Full disclosure–Thinsters already offers chocolate chip and toasted coconut cookies that are neither grateful nor dead. But, c’mon. Grateful Dead cookies? Dead cookie fans like Rickles, and living ones, too, will be all atwitter come mid-June.

Just keep on truckin.’  And, have milk handy to keep on dunkin.’

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