Join the Grocery Grab to Help The Douglas County Food Shelf

Neighborhood National Bank is once again offering the challenge to your business to help fulfill the needs at the Douglas County Outreach Food Shelf. March is food shelf awareness month, and they would like to have you join them in their annual “Grocery Grab” shopping spree on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at 10:00 a.m.  The previous year’s event brought out the best in participants, resulting in $3,428.96 worth of food that was donated to the Douglas County Outreach Food Shelf.

Neighborhood National Bank has partnered again with Eldens Fresh Foods for the 3rd annual “Grocery Grab” race.  In addition to Elden’s hosting the Grocery Grab event, they also generously rounded up the donation to $4,000.00 last year by adding an additional donation of $ 571.04 to the Douglas County Food Shelf.

Here is how the event works……

The winner of the race is determined by the dollar amount of groceries each team has in their carts.

If the NNB team has the highest dollar amount, then NNB will only pay for NNB’s groceries and each team will pay for and donate the groceries they have collected to the Douglas County Outreach Food Shelf.  If another team exceeds the total of the Neighborhood National Bank team, NNB will pay for the top team groceries along with their own.

The Grocery Grab rules are:

• Teams will consist of 2 members from your business or organization.  One team member will push the cart, and the other fills the cart. Cart pushers must have their hands on carts the entire time.
• Teams will be allowed 2 carts.
• Each team will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to fill their carts.
• All groceries must be paid for that day and will be delivered by NNB to the Douglas County Outreach Food Shelf.

You are invited to join us for this fun community project!  Please contact Heidi at 320-763-8366 by March 12th if you are willing to join in to help out our local food shelf with your donation.  Remember, depending on how well your team shops, Neighborhood National Bank might be paying for your participation in this challenge!
















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