Amy Foxx

Happy National Underwear Day!


It’s National Underwear Day today!

If you’ve ever been curious how humans began wearing underwear, here’s a brief history (from Cosmopolitan):

  • 2500 B.C. — The ancient Egyptians sported what was probably the first ever version of underwear the loincloth.
  • 1200s — During the Middle Ages, the first pull-on underpants were invented. These loose fitting drawers, called braise, tied at the waist and midcalf.
  • 1500s — Codpieces became popular. Shaped to show off a man’s goods, these enhancers were often filled out with padding.
  • 1800s — Cotton companies were massed-producing undies like the union suit, a full body style with ranging sleeve lengths.
  • 1930s — Companies began selling what were the first boxers shorts. And in 1934, Jockey debuted Y-vent briefs.
  • 1960s — With the invention of materials like nylon and Lycra, underwear got more comfortable and more colorful.
  • 1982 — Calvin Klein posted a billboard in Times Square of a guy in briefs, which made heads turn.

And in film, underwear has been the source of – mostly laughs! Here are the most memorable underwear movie scenes.

So today, be grateful for the underwear options available to suit your style and comfort, and remember – don’t get your undies in a bunch!