How Many People Live In Alexandria?

It depends on whom you ask. Is it whom or who? It depends on…oh, never mind.

The great state of Minnesota says the population of Alexandria is this↓













The city of Alexandria says swing and a miss. It’s this↓













Minnesota changes the population number on state highway signs every ten years when the U.S. census comes out. Alexandria updates city and county signs every year. So, for one year out of ten, the two signs agree with each other.  Just like marriage.

The state figure is from 2010. An update will happen around early summer next year after the U.S. census.

Alexandria Public Works Division Director, Dane Bosl, says there are six city population signs around the perimeter of Alexandria. With some work done in Detroit Lakes, most of the sign work is done in this building…












On a good, old Graphtex signCAD whatchamacallit.

And don’t forget the roller press thingy.













Look at some of the signs that come out of the Alexandria Streets Sign Shop…

Where does Dane (Cancer) come up with 13,951? From Alexandria Community Development Director, Mike Weber. Where does Mike (sign unknown) get his number? From the Minnesota State Demographer Office.  13,951 is the latest estimate out of the M-S-D-O from April 1st of 2018.

One more note: While showing Tom Lehman during the telecast of the 3M Golf Open, did you catch this comment from CBS golf announcer Andrew Catalon? He said Tom (Pisces) was “born in Austin, Minnesota and grew up in Alexandria, Minnesota, a small farming town about two hours north of the Twin Cities.”

When’s the last time you heard Alexandria described as a small farming town?  As for “small,” Andrew (Sagittarius) must have seen this sign…

…driving past Tom’s golf course.  On the farm.

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