If This Alexandria Bell Could Talk

Well, if it could talk, it wouldn’t be a bell. It would be a speaker…and that would be creepy.  Good news! This bell is not creepy.

Instead, it’s a sacred bell and has been an integral part of the worship scene for 112 years at 9th and Douglas in Alexandria, home to First Lutheran Church.

But if it could talk it would be called Bell-a-Lugosi.

Church bells have been around since the fifth century. Their job is pretty simple. To call people to worship. And, as one of the kids said during a First Lutheran children’s sermon, to remind pastors to come to work.For the time being, this instrument has been shipped to Cincinnati for renovation.  Verdin Bell Company, one of the few remaining bell foundry’s still operating in the U.S., has been entrusted to turn the FLC bell back into a humdinger. Without the hum. Innovative Builders successfully plucked the 1,100 pound bell out of its belfry with one inch of clearance on either side.

It was placed on a truck and sent off for a good cleaning, a new hanging bracket, and a proper re-fitting. Just like we do to our disc jockeys.  Sadly, most of them don’t emit a pleasing G flat.The refurbished bell is scheduled to be installed in its new tower in August of 2019.




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