Is There A Cougar In Minnesota?

You may have heard that a possible cougar sighting occurred around Elk River, MN.

The Elk River Police Department said in a Facebook post, “The attached images of what appears to be a cougar were captured from a resident’s outdoor security camera recently.”

**RESIDENT ALERT**The attached images of what appears to be a cougar were captured from a resident’s outdoor security…

Posted by Elk River Police Department on Wednesday, June 12, 2019


“The resident lives on the west side of the city near the Mississippi River.”

Cougar Fun Fact: Singer John Mellencamp, once known as John Cougar, lives in the city of Bloomington, Indiana known as the ‘Gateway To Southern Indiana.’

As the proud owner of a ball of yarn,

A loose cougar is very concerning to me.

Elk River Police have notified the Minnesota DNR and are requesting people to “remain aware of their surroundings at all times” and to “hide balls of yarn” if they are “leaving” to go to “John Cougar” concerts.

It doesn’t happen often, but recently somebody had a confirmed sighting of a cougar in southern Dodge County.

(Author’s conception of southern Dodge County cougar)


Ross at The General Store and Guns Galore in Osakis says if you ever run into a cougar…like when you’re coming back from The Yarn Barn…you could take him down with a .44 magnum lever action rifle using 240 grain hollow point ammo. Then, after crocheting a lovely afghan,

You would go to jail since cougars are a protected species.

The DNR says cougar sightings in Minnesota usually turn out to be cases of mistaken identity. Bobcats, house cats, coyotes, wolves, light colored dogs, and Sid Hartman have all been mistaken as cougars.

Here are some tips from the DNR if you come face-to-face with a cougar:

  • Face the cougar directly, raise your arms to make yourself appear larger and speak loudly and firmly. Do not run, crouch, or lay balls of yarn on the ground.
  • Do not shoot the animal, even if livestock or pets are threatened. Cougars are a protected species and may only be killed by a licensed peace officer, authorized permit holder, or an experienced yarn salesman.
  • Contact a conservation officer or local law enforcement as soon as possible.

Unless you’re just trying to spin a yarn.

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