It Turns Out People Would Rather Kiss Their Dog Than A Significant Other

A kiss is just a kiss.  A sigh is just a sigh.  But, back to that kiss thing.

A dog food company put out a survey asking people this question:  Would you rather kiss your dog or your human companion?  Riley’s Organics says 52% of dog owners would rather get kissy face with their pooch than with their partner.

♥ Kiss Fun Fact: The band Kiss has a display at Graceland.

So, if you were to ask, more than half of dog fans, including some Hall and Oates fans, would say, “Put Lassie’s kiss on my list and put it higher up than a smooch from my better half.”

The doggie survey also revealed this little kibble ‘n bit:  61% of Fido Folk kiss their dog on the lips.  I had to laugh a little when I read that.







♠ Fun Dog Joke:  What do you get when you cross a rottweiler with a hyena?  I don’t know but if it starts to laugh I recommend you join in.

‘Course, there are plenty of guys known to kiss a fish on the lips when they catch a big one.









When it’s sleepy time, 52%…there’s that number again…52% say they would rather share a bed with their bow wow buddy than with their beau.






94% of those surveyed said they would rather stay home with their four-legged friend than go out with their two-legged ones.

Me, too.  Unless the two-legged ones are buying.  Then, the fundamental things apply as time goes by.

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