It’s A Mom Thing

With Mother’s Day coming up, some “momisms” come to mind. If you’re a mom, maybe you do some of these. Or, maybe your mother did them.

This one I’ve heard a lot: cut the ends off a ham before putting it in the oven. When asked why moms do this, a frequent answer is, “Because that’s what my mom did.”

How ’bout this…take the top leaf off of a head of lettuce and throw it away? A perfectly good lettuce leaf. Why? Again, time to play the ’cause that’s what Mom did’ card.

Those two are like…OK…I kind of get it.  Wasting food?  Sure, we’re all in favor of that. But this one, I don’t know if it’s unique to my mom or not, but here goes:

To prepare laundry for ironing, she put it in the refrigerator. No, that is not a typo.  She opened up the refrigerator door, got a running start, then threw in the laundry.

Here is the “explanation.”  Back in the dark ages…say, 1958…after washing and drying Dad’s shirts, Mrs. Kelly would sprinkle some water on them, roll them up, put them in a plastic bag and then put them in the refrigerator overnight. The next day she pulled them out and went at ’em. These were the days before she got a steam iron. She says the shirts were just easier to iron that way.

Hey, nobody’s judging. But, may I state for the record, I have never put laundry in my, or anyone else’s, refrigerator. TV remotes, sure. Not laundry.

Got “momisms?”







Happy Mother’s Day.

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