It’s A Pothole World After All

Time again for pothole chronicles.

I’m excited because this time of year always produces a bumper crop of pothole stories. KSTP TV has one. WCCO TV has one. So do KARE 11 and FOX 9. This is a four station news story people!

Snow melt seeps into asphalt. Then expands and contracts. Just like Minnesota waistlines. Contracts? Good one.

Remember when the parking lot was filled with potholes at the Alexandria post office?







Since it’s U.S. federal property we had to wait for the federal government to smooth things over.

Ta-da! Oxymoron Man strikes again!

Much like the Adopt a Highway program, somewhere out there is an Adopt a Pothole program, but more fun!  You give it a name. You keep it free of debris, litter, Packer fans. That sort of thing.

It seems pothole sizes boil down to SM, M, L, XL, XXL and King Kong Bundy.

I have one of these near my place. It’s sooohhh big it has it’s own bakery and 9-hole golf course.   Course rule: if you hit your ball into my neighbor’s pothole, it’s a two-stroke penalty. And, he gets to eat your carmel roll.

To report a pothole in your neighborhood, contact your local public works-street department.



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