Johnny Rocket’s 327 Build Part II

So, we may have received another shot of winter…but that’s not slowing down the 327 build!

I have not been deterred by the inclement weather. The progress continues on the SBC for my 1964 GMC pickup.

(Editor Note: You can find part one of this series here)

I found this engine on an internet classified ad. I don’t have any history on the engine, so I really don’t know what has been done, or not done, to this engine since 1968. That means, during teardown, several measurements had to be done to determine if the parts were all stock, or if this engine had already been through a rebuild. After removing the pistons and the crank, then measuring all the parts, I determined that everything was stock size.

Since they looked to be in pretty good condition, I decided to clean up the stock pistons and crank and reuse them.

The task of cleaning the internals of the engine required some rather potent chemicals, a good deal of elbow grease and a few more “husband points”, as the kitchen sink seemed the most logical place for the task.

A rather tedious part of the rebuild task was cleaning up the valves and the cylinder heads. Here I am “lapping” the valves with an abrasive compound. The wooden stick with the suction cups is used to spin the valves. This helps to smooth the surfaces of the valves and the cylinder head, to create a proper seal between the two parts.

With everything cleaned up, it’s time for paint. I mean, it really doesn’t make sense to put shiny new chrome parts on a crusty engine that only has little bits of the original “Chevy Orange” left. I decided, in keeping with the color scheme of my truck, to go with a black finish on the block and heads.

The re-assembly is not to far away! In my next update, the 327 should start to resemble a motor again.

Hopefully you will get a chance to see it in person this spring and summer at one of the many car shows in the area. The Rust Junkies plan to be out in full force soon!


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