Johnny Rocket’s 327 Build Part III

Honey, there is something in the oven…but it is not for eating!

My last update ended with fresh paint on the 327 block and heads.

Click here to see part I of the series.

Click here to see part II of the series.

As I start the assembly of the 327, I get to pull out some tricks of the gearhead trade. One of those tricks is heat. The timing gear that goes on the end of the crankshaft is pressed on. The tolerances for these parts are very precise, so the gear will not slip off. One trick to help press this gear in place, is to heat it, so that it expands enough to put the gear in place. So, find an old cookie sheet, pop it in the oven, watch some Twins Baseball, have a beverage, alphabetize your cassettes (I am that “old school”)…ok, long enough. Grab an oven mitt and put your new gear on the crankshaft.

Before I can put the crank, pistons and camshaft into the block, it’s off to the machine shop. The camshaft bearings need to be changed, as the originals have seen a lot of miles.









I may have been able to do this step in my garage, but I do not have the (very expensive) specialty tool designed for this task. Plus, if you do not get these bearings installed correctly, it will lead to some really big problems in a really big hurry.

Ok, so now I have to apologize. I was so excited to get my engine back together, that I neglected to take photos of the process of installing the internals…so we will fast forward a little.

I have the rotating assembly and oil pump in. Notice the snowblower in the background…ya know, just in case.









Time for Chrome!

Reassembling the heads is just as tedious at taking them apart. Back to the dining room table!
















Finally, the heads, intake manifold, exhaust manifolds and valve covers are installed.

Up next, It’s time to pull the 305 out of the truck and put in the “new” power plant. Keep an eye out for the next installment of Johnny Rocket’s 327 Build.







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