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Kortni’s PATH: $120,000 in Scholarships for Her Classmates


Kortni's pathLast night was honors night for local high schools. Graduating seniors pursuing plans to further their education were awarded various grants to aid their future endeavors. Many of those grants have special meaning…one in particular was $120,000 disbursed to 20 students with one thing in common…a kindergarten classmate that passed away 12 years ago. Kortni’s PATH, a non profit started in her honor, was founded to help the classmates of Kortni Botzet. We spoke with Kortni’s mom, Nicole today about this beautiful legacy.

Here’s her interview, and the way her daughter’s life is still able to give so much.

“Kortni was a friend to everyone she met. We want to continue that message to others in her memory.”

Nicole and her husband Jim (Carlos, MN) were able to track down each student that was in Kortni’s Kindergarten class. Each that was continuing their education was gifted $6,000. They submitted their future school and plans. “We knew we wanted to support them, that was important.” In addition to their scholarship, they were gifted a spider plant. Not just any spider plant, but the one that they got in Kindergarten. “Each student was given a sapling of a spider plant to take home and grow. We kept Kortni’s all these years, I know others may have gotten tossed, but we kept hers. It got so big! Then our family repotted parts of her plant for each of her classmates. We thought that’d be a special gift to them!”

Kortni's Plants spider plant

Water Safety is another huge component of Kortni’s PATH. Nicole has partnered with Central Marine, Alex Marine and KIK-FM to help distribute life jackets. This is an important tool and symbol to keep our kids safe. “Drowning doesn’t always look like in the movies with splashing. It’s so important that we teach our kids water safety, but also to be very present when watching them when their in the water. No child should be in a hot tub where they’ll overheat in a matter of minutes. No parent should have to loose a child that way.”

Kortni’s PATH is part of our Community Spotlight Podcast. Click here for this powerful message of loss, love and hope!

Thousands of dollars has been raised to purchase life jackets that will be given away! Tentative date of distribution is Friday, June 17th from 4-6pm in the KIK-FM parking lot!





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