Laughing Controversy Near Lobster Lake

Maybe you saw that a local woman wants to put in a retreat facility near Lobster Lake and call it the Laughing Buddha Meditation Center. The Douglas County Board will vote on the request Tuesday April, 16th. Some neighbors may drive over there for the vote. A few will not be laughing all the way.

I have friends that live on Lobster Lake. When I visit they say I make them laugh a bit. Well, maybe not me so much as my clothes.

Take a look at Lobster Lake.  It does look like a lobster.  

Or, Gumby.

Is there a Buddha Lake in Douglas County? The only Buddha Lake I found is in China near a city called Leshan. Some of those neighbors weren’t happy about that Buddha, either. They wanted to call it Laughing Gumby Lake.

If I were going to open a place with the word “laughing” in the name, I would open a dental office/convenience store and call it The Laughing Gas Station. It would offer food, petro, snacks, and a dentist with a full tank of nitrous oxide. While you were at the checkout paying for the $4.29 a gallon unleaded you bought to fill your tank—and the $1,291 per ounce gold Dr. Budda Pest, DDS, used to fill your teeth—everyone in line behind you would wait, meditating, with their hands open, ready to give me cash.

Now that would have me laughing. Mainly the $4.29/$1,291 part since I am the owner of the place. Man, I have to get this idea in front of the Douglas County Board, pronto! Oh, and The Laughing Gas Station will also sell Pronto Pups. $6.50 per. Plus, I think I’ll put in a coin-operated splash pad.  ‘Course, the neighbors will probably object. Never mind.



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