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Law Enforcement Scholarship Opportunity

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Douglas County Sheriff Troy Wolbersen announces the commencement of the Law Enforcement Scholarship Program for 2021. SheriffWolbersen proudly announced that the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association (MSA) Board of Directors has established a scholarship fund for the awarding $2,000 scholarships for this year. These scholarships are due to the coordinated efforts of the 87 Sheriffs of the State of Minnesota.


Scholarships are available to student s who are enrolled in the mandated POST Skills Program, are in their second year of a two-year law enforcement program, or are in their third or fourth year of a four-year college criminal justice program.


The Members of MSA give special recognition to the financial needs of students attending the peace officer’s skills course, or the two-year or four-year law enforcement degree colleges. “The Minnesota Sheriff’s Association knows peace officers in our democratic society have complex duties to perform.” said Sheriff Wolbersen.   MSA recognizes the importance of pre-entry training for people considering law enforcement as their career choice. MSA recognizes some students need outside help in meeting the costs of such training , even though they excel academically.


The Scholarship Committee, in making its selection of awards, intend s on achieving representation from all geographical areas of the state. It is the applicant’s obligation to submit the application to the Sheriff’s Office of their home county .   Completed applications must be submitt ed no later than November 19, 2021. Scholar s hip awards will be announced by December 28th of the same year. Application forms and a statement of procedures are availa ble at the Sheriff’s Office. Scholarships are only available to students currently enrolled in one of the following three categories:


  1. Mandated POST Skills Program
  2. In their second year of a two-year la w enforcement
  3. In their third or fourth year of a four-year college criminal justice program.


In order to qualify, students must have completed at leas t one year of the two-year program or two years of a four-year program. Students meeting these criteria are invited to obtain a scholar ship applicat io n form from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office or online at www.mnsheriffs.org.