Lawn Chair Fest Unfolds In Alexandria

If you are going to be in Alexandria on June 30th, and you love lawn chairs, get ready to sit down and cheer!

It’s the Vikingland Sit In A Lawn Chair In Front Of A Busy Street Festival!  The last Sunday in June, people come by the thousands to sit in lawn chairs along Broadway.  They’ve been doing this for 34 years!  Some lawn chair sitters are so passionate, they arrive hours in advance and put duct tape on the sidewalk to mark territory for themselves and their lawn chair.  In the year 2019, what colorful choices they have!

But let’s get to the stars of the show….the lawn chairs!   Like red?  Feast your eyes on this beauty…


How about maroon and gold?

Go Gophers!


If you’re a fan of lawn chair noir, you can’t go wrong with this charmer…


For the discriminating lawn chairperson, check out this dreamboat…

Wow!  Is St. ReCline, patron saint of lawn chairs, missing a lawn chair because that one’s heavenly!!

This is all heady stuff, but if you are a new Broadway lawn chair sitter, let me give you fair warning.  When you do it this weekend, there will be 1,700 young people in band uniforms playing instruments and marching in close proximity to you. This is the price you pay if you are going to sit in a lawn chair on Broadway Sunday, June 30th.

However, you’ll learn it’s a price we experienced lawn chair sitting men and women gladly pay.

Happy Vikingland Sit In A Lawn Chair In Front Of A Busy Street Festival!  And enjoy the sit!!

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