Lilacs And Clover

This time of year a lot of people look forward to the sight and smell of lilacs.

A lot of kids—and some adults—get excited about four-leaf clovers.  If you want to hit the motherlode, head to the Tar Heel state.  In North Carolina, Fred Reissman and his fiance’s daughter, Sophia, set a new world record collecting 228 four-leaf clovers in less than two hours.  That should ensure good luck for his upcoming marriage, right?

Where is the best place to find four-leaf clovers around here?  Fields, meadows, backyards, the hat on the guy on the Lucky Charms box, the Renaissance Festival.

♣ Clover Fun Fact:  A four-leaf clover is a mutant.  As we all know from watching  science fiction movies, mutants should be avoided. Excluding some turtles still in their teens.  

If encountered, most mutants must be fought using large, noisy weapons that eradicate them—though leaving just enough doubt to ensure a sequel—while creating a wide path of destruction. 

That’s the ideal scenario. In the case of four-leaf clovers?  I don’t know. Just pick ’em, I suppose.

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