What Lipsticks Are In Ruby’s Purse Today?

I have eight lipsticks in my purse today. Some I like better than others. One is a discontinued Holy Grail lipstick (RIP). I’ll show you what I have today, and make my recommendations.

Here they are.



And, yes. I wear them all – even the purple. See?


Review time!! 

Let’s break them down, starting with that discontinued Holy Grail lipstick. It’s Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in shade 80. The formula is creamy, hydrating, and feels wonderful. The formula continues, but the shade does not, so I will probably have to explore the other shades in this range. This formula has been favorably compared to MAC – but with a MUCH lower price. You can find Rimmel at your local drug store. Here’s a photo of my almost used up tube!

Next up, a sample size of Marc Jacobs’ Lip Creme in shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This is a beautiful lipstick – and it should be. The full sized version of this lipstick is THIRTY BUCKS. For thirty bucks, it needs to do more than just be a pretty lipstick. For thirty bucks, it should be able to drive me to and from work and run errands for me. The color is a perfect almost nude pink tone, but at the price point, I’m never going to purchase the full sized one. I like makeup a lot, but I am also a thrifty queen. Here’s a photo:

Now, we’re onto something I LOVE. Wet n Wild. It’s not the same makeup you may have purchased in Junior High. The prices have remained reasonable,  but the quality is AMAZING! Wet n Wild’s Liquid Catsuit is a STAPLE. It’s a matte liquid lip, and it really does dry down to a matte, non-sticky, long lasting finish. As expected, some colors last and wear better than others, I find that the browns and nudes last the best. Today, I have the shades Video Vixen (a very dark purple), and Flame of the Game (an orange red). While I love this range of lipsticks, I’m not sure how Video Vixen got into my purse – I hate it, it makes me look dead. That red though? YAAAAAS. You can find this for under five bucks at your drug store. Here’s a photo.

Nyx. Sigh. Here’s the good part – Soft Metallic Lip Cream in Havana (dark purple) is amazing. The color is beautiful and buildable, depending upon how dark you want to go. It dries to a powdery, matte AND metallic finish that lasts fairly long. Recommended. Those other two? The Nyx Slip Tease? GARBAGE. They call it a lip oil – and yeah – it sort of dries down to a sticky, hard to remove, mess. That formula either needs to be reformulated or abandoned. The applicators are too large and paddle-like, not the lovely doe-foot applicators of Wet n Wild. Nyx is a mid-priced drug store brand. Why am I carrying lipsticks I hate? That’s a good question. Here’s a photo of the nice one and the two trash.


Lastly, the Hikari lip gloss in Starfish. It’s good. I like the color, and sometimes after wearing a matte liquid lip – a nice hydrating lip gloss is exactly what is needed and this one is as good as any other. The applicator on this one isn’t great, but a precise application of gloss isn’t as important as a precise application of liquid lipstick. It’s $13 from their website. Which, if you ask me, might be a bit pricey for what is really just another lipgloss…

So, that’s what I’m carrying these days, and it changes pretty frequently. What about you? Do you have lipsticks in your purse? What do you like and what do you hate? Spill it!

— Ruby

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