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Massive Storm Damage – Stay Away from Downed Power Lines


Over 7,000 REA service accounts are without power following damage resulting from recent severe weather across the service territory. Nearly REA’s whole service territory is affected. Crews are currently working to restore services and will be working through the night. REA stresses to stay away from any powerlines that may be down and never assume the lines are de-energized. Those experiencing a power outage that have not called in to report their outage should call REA at 1-800-473-1722. Thank you for your patience.


A massive storm system wiped out homes, roadways, barns, silos and trees last night. Funnel clouds, tornados and straight line winds were detrimental to property. Here are some photos submitted by listeners from around the area! Please stay safe today! Neighbors are helping each other clean up the damage and businesses/schools may have delays or closings to deal with the aftermath.

These photos were taken in Carlos, Alexandria, Miltona, Osakis, Rose City, and Benson! Barns flattened, children’s playgrounds destroyed, massive wall clouds, a Barn in a tree with just the fencing behind, downed powerline poles.


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