Some Minnesota Ice Anglers Use Lakes As Garbage Cans

Now that spring is here, and Minnesota fish house removal dates have long since passed, a dirty secret has been revealed.  Some Minnesota anglers think that leaving their trash on the lake is just fine. Maybe they think just a little bit of garbage is no big deal – but if everyone did it, can you imagine what a mess our lakes would be?  It isn’t the job of others to clean up after you – what you take in – you should take out.  All that should be left after the removal of an ice fishing house should be an impression in the ice.  

This season is in the books, so it’s time to get ready to do better next season.  It is illegal to litter in Minnesota, you must FULLY remove your fish house and all of your litter. If you are caught leaving your trash behind on the lakes, you could face a criminal or civil citation and a fine that could cost you hundreds of dollars. It’s not worth it.  Protect our greatest natural resource AND your pocketbook.  Pick up your garbage!

With fish house removal deadlines in the rearview mirror and melting snow revealing what once was hidden, conservation…

Posted by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

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