Minnesota Problems

Minnesota is a special place.  We know that.  Minnesota also presents its own special set of problems.  Here are a few of them: 

1. Now that it’s spring, is it a lake or parking lot?

2. Puddle or pothole?

3. Difficult choices!! It’s above freezing, do I REALLY need this coat? (Spoiler alert, no.)

4. 33 degrees, instant long lines at every car wash. 

5. It’s GREY DUCK. (That’s not a problem, I just wanted to mention it.)

6. If it’s spring, and it’s 70 degrees, that doesn’t mean we won’t have three inches of snow tomorrow.

7. Smiling and nodding when anybody from anywhere else complains about being cold.

8. We know what bug spray tastes like.

9. When the snowplow comes down your street just after you finished clearing your driveway.

10. Winter: Better leave early, the roads might be bad. Summer: Better leave early, the roads might be bad.

11. Somebody decides to get ”creative” with the Tater Tot Hotdish. This is a problem. TATER TOT HOTDISH IS BROWNED GROUND BEEF, MIXED VEGGIES, CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP, TATER TOTS AND NOTHING ELSE. Get out of here with your ”spices”. Throw in some ”spices” and we’ll smile and nod as we taste it, and we’ll say ”That’s different.”

 “That’s different” is NOT a compliment.


12. Ope, we ran out of mini marshmallows for the salad.  

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